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UWA League Season 3: Wednesday nights.

Information night: Wednesday 22nd May from 630-730pm - Rugby Clubroom at UWA Sports Park

Match nights: Wednesday 29th May to Wednesday 28th August

Location: UWA Sports Park.

Times: Game nights run from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

Registration fees: There is a $10 registration fee for new players and a monthly subscription of $45 per month, with first payment due at initial registration.

Cockburn League Season 2Tuesday nights.

Information night: Tuesday 21st May from 630pm – 730pm at Area Five (5) Football, 40 Birchley Road, Yangebup.

Match nights: start on Tuesday 28th May to Tuesday 27th August.

Location: Area Five (5) Football, 40 Birchley Road, Yangebup.

Times: Game nights run from 6.30pm - 8:30pm.

Registration fees: There is a one-off $10 registration fee for new players and a monthly subscription of $45 per month, with first payment due at initial registration.

Canning League Season 1 (NEW!): Wednesday night.

Information night: Wednesday 22nd May from 630-730pm at Cannington Leisureplex cnr Sevenoaks and Wharf St

Match nights: Wednesday 29th May to Wednesday 28th August

Location: Cannington Leisureplex cnr Sevenoaks and Wharf St Cannington.

Times: 6.30pm - 8:30pm

Registration fees: There is only a one-off $10 registration fee for players. The monthly subscription of $45 per month has been subsidised by Healthway. All future seasons will incur the monthly subscription fee.


Your questions answered

MAN v FAT Soccer is a University of Western Australia (UWA) initiative based on a successful nationwide weight loss program that exists in the UK called MAN v FAT Football. MAN v FAT Football was the first weight loss scheme to ever be officially endorsed by the UK Football Association. MAN v FAT Soccer, designed especially for Australia, is a soccer league just for guys who want to lose weight. Every player is in the same situation and wants the same thing - to enjoy soccer, lose weight and get healthier. During the leagues MAN v FAT supports you to lose weight and each week as well as playing a 30-minute football match, you also weigh in before the game. You and your team earn bonus goals from the weigh-in results which are added to the score on the field. Uniquely, MAN v FAT Soccer rewards players not just for scoring goals but also for losing weight. We give support to every player with unique resources, help and support via a league coach to help you lose weight, get fitter and enjoy the great game of soccer.

Read one of our player’s views on the league here

If you are joining a discounted league you pay a $10 registration fee and that's it - the costs of the first season in that league have already been covered by an external funder, like UWA, the local government, or Healthway WA.

If you're enrolling in a league from the second season on, you'll pay a $10 registration fee, as well as a small weekly fee (paid in monthly instalments of $45/month). If you've already registered in a league prior, you don't need to pay the $10 registration fee again!

That depends on how much you put into the league and how much of the support you take (the more, the better!) In an assessed 14 week pilot scheme run by UWA, players lost 7kg’s on average, a whopping 515kg lost across the 14 week league. The maximum weight lost by one player was 26kgs and the maximum bodyweight percentage lost was 22%. 95% of players lose weight.
Because they love soccer and hate being fat. They see all the things that their weight is cheating them of: the ability to play with their children (or how it’s embarrassing their kids), how much their body hurts with aching joints, snoring and wheezing every time they climb the stairs, never finding any clothes that fit... the list goes on. All of our players join with the motivation to lose weight and do so in a way that is truly enjoyable and inspiring.
Because the leagues are not just decided on the games won on the pitch, but also on the weight lost off it, you can join a team as a non-playing member. This means that you weigh in every week and support your team. Your weight loss counts towards your team’s success. When you’ve lost enough weight to feel comfortable joining in then you can get involved on the pitch. Each week you lose weight – you score your team a goal!
Approximately 80% of players do. We put you into teams and help you to get to know the other players. However, if you do have a friend, colleague or family member who also want to lose weight then you can join a league with them. Teams are generated by the system to ensure equality in BMI dispersion across the league but you can select 1 person to be paired in the same team with!

For more information on our leagues, check out the map on our homepage. This will show you all our existing leagues, plus you can link into each of their league pages for more information.

We are also busily planning new leagues for the rest of Australia, across all states. So if you're interested in joining a league, but don't have one near you, just get in touch and we'll do our best to raise interest and open a league in your area.

If you're a soccer club, company or local authority who wants to setup a league in your area please also get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do.

Take a look at our full list of FAQ here. If that doesn't answer your question email us on and we can answer any question you have.

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